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About FetchPet

11 years ago, Ted Gualtier had an amazing idea.

Ted’s deep and abiding love for his yellow lab Jake got him deeply involved in caring for pets. He wanted to give Jake a truly exceptional life, and he thought that he could extend the same love he felt for Jake to pets and their owners all around him.

He started working with Pet Partners Organization, learning things like Pet CPR, and how to administer medication. He studied the nuances of the animal-human bond. In his studies, he learned about the therapeutic effects of affectionate animal contact on humans, even bringing his beloved partner Jake to visit terminally ill patients and people suffering from mental health problems, impacting the lives of many folks in need.

He didn’t stop there. His therapy work with Jake led to further work as a second responder on a team providing therapy to people who have gone through traumatic experiences, such as a home loss. Ted believes that the depths of the animal-human bond can get even deeper, and cares passionately about animals.

Ted’s lifelong experience of loving and working with pets is something he wants to extend to you and your pets. You won’t find anybody more passionate about animals, nor as knowledgeable and capable in taking care of them. 

Give him a call and tell him about your pet. He’d love to hear about them!